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What I’m working on

Laborcraft - SysAdmin and Developer since 2017

For a few years now, my team and I have been working constantly to offer the gaming community a place to play and relax while making new friends. I take care of the management of all the IT infrastructure, starting from the correct functioning of all systems up to its security.

MadLab 2.0 - IT Developer and Educator since 2019

During my short stay in Milan I started collaborating with MadLab 2.0, an innovative startup that designs hospitality services, training courses for children and teachers and much more using robotics as a tool for connecting with reality.

Maker Camp - SysAdmin and MBE Developer since 2020

Maker Camp is a company that creates amazing digital solutions through Minecraft. In this way it engages children, teenagers and their families, conveying educational, cultural and promotional contents.

RGBCraft - IT collaborator since 2020

RGBcraft was born in 2010 as a meeting place for friends. Now, over eleven years later, it has become the choice for modded Minecraft players in Italy, where it is the oldest Minecraft server still operating. It caters to players that are interested in a realistic gameplay type and is constantly being updated.

Lega Scolastica Esports - Teams Manager since 2022

The Esports School League is an initiative that brings together the world of school with esports and does so by creating a national competition based on multiple competitive video games. The Esports School League believes that esports can be a beneficial addition to the educational experience of students in the same way that traditional sports are, especially in terms of increasing soft skills.

Scuola di Robotica - Educator since 2022

Scuola di Robotica is a non-profit association founded in 2000 on the initiative of a group of robotics and human science scholars with the aim of promoting the conscious use of robotics and new technologies. Over the years Scuola di Robotica has become a national and international reference point for many research activities and application of robotics in the most varied sectors of society such as didactics, ecology and disabilities.

MineAlpha - Lead Developer since 2023

MineAlpha is a new Italian portal dedicated to Minecraft. It has a server list, an advanced tracker for servers, a resource section and some exclusive news!

Past experiences

Zero Robotics - Participant and finalist 2016/17 and 2017/18

Zero Robotics is a robotics programming competition where the robots are SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold Engage and Reorient Experimental Satellites) inside the International Space Station. The competition starts online where teams program the SPHERES to solve an annual challenge. After several phases of virtual competition in a simulation environment that mimics the real SPHERES, finalists are selected to compete in a live championship aboard the ISS. An astronaut will conduct the championship competition in microgravity with a live broadcast!

Nao Challenge - Participant and finalist 2017/18 and 2018/19

The Nao Challenge is an educational contest for high school students organized for the first time in Italy in 2015 by Scuola di Robotica (the School of Robotics) in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics and the Italian company CampuStore. The aim of the competition is to offer high school students the change to work and program a humanoid robot to be used in plausible and real-like situations.

Songoda - Developer - 2020

Songoda is a company based in Connecticut, US that creates Minecraft plugins. Among their plugins you can find FabledSkyBlock, which I was one of its main developers.

WiseWeb - SysAdmin and Backend Developer - 2022

WiseWeb is a company that makes custom websites for small and medium businesses. Every website is deeply customized depending on the customer's needs and with SEO optiminazion kept in mind.

Minecraft ITALIA - SysAdmin and Backend Developer 2019 - 2023

Minecraft ITALIA is an Italian portal dedicated to Minecraft and opened since 2011. Now in its fourth version, the website hosts the list of Italian servers and some areas relating to blocks and game resources.